Nickname: BobStroy
Member since: 07/08/2019
Rank: General
Points: 85730
Pictures: 5543
Likes: 26852
Camera: Canon EOS 760D and Canon EOS 300D and Canon IXUS 180-182 and Fujifilm FinePix XP80-82
Lenses: Canon EFS 18-55mm and Canon EF 35-70mm and CANON EFS 55-250 F4.0-5.6 ISSTM + Mount Adapter EF-EOS R and Canon EFs 75-300mm + Sher-I.R Day & Night Infinite Pixels-Digital
Brussels Airlines + (SN, DAT)Not specified928 pictures
RyanairNot specified215 pictures
TUI + (Jetair)Not specified420 pictures
A.320,sNot specified786 pictures
BeauvechainNot specified176 pictures
A.319,sA.319,s613 pictures
A.321,sA.321,s142 pictures
A.330,sA.330,s99 pictures
A.340,sA.340,s4 pictures
A.350,sA.350,s20 pictures
B.757'sB.757's36 pictures
B.777'sNot specified106 pictures
B.787's DreamlinerNot specified129 pictures
B.767'sNot specified53 pictures
MD-11'sNot specified5 pictures
MD-82'sNot specified27 pictures
A.300,sNot specified31 pictures
MD-87'sNot specified8 pictures
Lockheed L-1011 Tristar'sLockheed L-1011 Tristar's1 pictures
McDonnell Douglas DC-10McDonnell Douglas DC-106 pictures
MD-90'sMD-90's2 pictures
A.220,sNot specified21 pictures
A.310'sA.310's11 pictures
B.727'sB.727's6 pictures
MD-83'sMD-83's3 pictures
B.737'sB.737's909 pictures
B.747'sB.747's58 pictures
McDonnell Douglas DC-8McDonnell Douglas DC-83 pictures
Embraer's familyEmbraer's family264 pictures
Bombardier's / Mitsubishi's familyBombardier's / Mitsubishi's family158 pictures
A.318,sA.318,s5 pictures
Aeródromo de Mutxamel /Alicante (LEMU)Aeródromo de Mutxamel / Alicante (LEMU)11 pictures
Planes I took for work or vacation (some 2 → 3 or 4 times).Planes I took for work or vacation (some 2 → 3 or 4 times).132 pictures
B.707'sB.707's3 pictures
Heli's & Gyrocoptère'sHeli's & Gyrocoptère's89 pictures
Cessna's FamilyCessna's Family1 pictures
Military, Police, & GovernmentsMilitary, Police, & Governments5 pictures
Dassault's FamilyDassault's Family5 pictures
Air BelgiumAir Belgium4 pictures
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Images 5 5543 27715
First registrations 5 1020 5100
Badges normal 25 45 1125
Badges Alliance 250 1 250
Badges Military/Warbirds 30 2 60
Badges Mayor 25 12 300
Special rewards/points30000
Feedback 2 10590 21180
Total 85730

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